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Arm’s Length Mortgage Forms

Looking for forms and applications that relate to a Private or Syndicated Mortgage? You’ve come to the right place! Please see below for a full listing.

Please review the following guidelines carefully before submitting your funding package.

In order to apply for a new funding, please submit all of the following documents.

Required Community Trust forms:

  • Mortgage Funding Direction
  • Solicitor’s Acknowledgement and Undertaking
  • Pre-Authorized Debit Form (signed by borrower)

Additional required documentation:

  • Draft of Charge/Mortgage
  • Full Appraisal from AACI or CRA
  • Statement of mortgages in priority
  • Signed Direction regarding funds (signed by borrower)
  • Lawyer’s Trust Account void cheque

Ensuring Your Package is in ‘Good Order’

In order to ensure a positive and efficient process, all funding packages must be received and considered to be in Good Order (wherein all information is complete, exhaustive and accurate) in accordance to the below deadlines.

But remember, you’re not alone. As with all areas of our business, we pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our partners. That’s why our Client Services Specialists are readily available to assist you throughout the application process.

However, collaboration takes time, and has the potential to impact your application timeline. That’s why we recommend taking extreme care when completing and gathering the above documentation before your initial submission, and allowing ample lead time, in case any documents are in need of alteration, clarification or correction.

Number of Investors: Fewer than 19 investors
‘Good Order’ Deadline: 3 days before the closing date

Number of Investors: More than 19 investors
‘Good Order’ Deadline: 5 days before the closing date

Here are a few of the most common reasons that you may not be able to find the form you’re looking for.

Possibility #1: It’s part of a consolidation. As part of our commitment to making our processes simpler and more intuitive, we’ve consolidated several forms to improve your experience! Here is an overview of the changes that might affect you:

  • “Direction” is now included in “Mortgage Funding Direction”
  • “Acknowledgment Authorization Direction Release Indemnity & Undertaking” is now included in “Mortgage Funding Direction”
  • “Indemnification Acknowledgment and Release” is now included in “Mortgage Funding Direction

Possibility #2: It’s not available online. We do our best to make all of our information as accessible as possible, but it’s still a work in progress! If you’re looking for a form and don’t see it here, contact one of our specialists. We’ll see what we can do!

Possibility #3: It’s an account-related form If you’re looking for forms and applications that relate to opening or updating a Registered Account, you’re in the wrong place! Click here to be redirected.

Questions? Contact our Client Services Specialists!

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